Emergency Stain Rescue Kit

Stains Suck? We Can Help.

ESR is a rapid reaction stain remover made for where life & stains actually happen.

It quickly and safely removes food stains like berries, fruit, tomatoes and ice-cream from clothes and fabrics.

The ESR™ Professional Grade Formula works miracles on the general household stains that damage clothing, carpets and upholstery.

No Peroxide | No Chlorine | No Phosphate
ph Neutral | 100% Biodegradable Surfactant
Safe for colorfast washable fabrics | Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

I recently bought the emergency kit and it really does what it says, my grandson played football and his uniform shirt was very stained, came home used the spray and the shirt looks like it was just given to him, everyone should keep this with them, great product am purchasing more

The Best!

Only wish the bottles came in larger sizes!!!!

No apron needed

Those who know me know I enjoy wine and some (many) would say to excess. So it happens that I tend to spill. Especially when I cook I spill some into my mouth (on purpose) and also onto my clothes occasionally. You’d think I’d learn and would wear an apron but not yet. I got the goods from Hate Stains and how fortunate that I did because I got another stain. The stain was gone!!! I didn’t have to switch shirts like normal and instead blotted it out while wearing it and it was gone. I am definitely satisfied with the purchase and will be using it again since aprons won’t be worn given such an easy fix.


My husband left a black inkpen in his pants that didn't get caught before it went into the washing machine. I happened to have one of my favorite colorful tops in the wash with it and when the wash came out I realized the pen had stained my top almost everywhere. To say I was not happy is an understatement.....
Anyway, I used the emergency stain spray and didn't think it would get everything out. Well, happily I was wrong. In two washes the stains were completely gone. I was so sold, I bought a three pack and it is the only product I now will use on our clothes. Thank you!

From Disappointed Customer to a Happy Customer

After seeing this product in Real Simple magazine, I purchased hoping it would work for some decorative pillows that unfortunately got stained. Well, the product didn't work well and the stains, although lighter, still remained. Needless to say, I was disappointed that this miracle worker didn't work it's miracles for me. But the company emailed me and refunded my purchase, which I thought was a very nice gesture. Fast forward a few months and while eating blueberry pancakes one morning, I sliced through the pancakes and out squirted a stream of blueberry ink straight onto my beautiful kitchen banquette pillows. I couldn't believe the horrible coincidence! I did my best to blot but the blueberry stained all the more so in my attempts to fix. Thankfully, I remembered my bottle of emergency stain rescue and tried on my pillows. This time, the stains quickly faded. I thought for sure my pillows would be ruined but the product worked like a miracle this time around. I'm now a believer in this miracle worker and a happy customer! Thank you for saving my pillow!