Room-By-Room Fall Cleaning Checklist

Room-By-Room Fall Cleaning Checklist To Tackle Fall Cleaning Like A Pro!

  • Mar 29

Cooler weather means more time spent inside. Walking around the home may reveal more stains than in the spring, and the summer decorations must be stored for the year. Eliminate your stains, organize your home, and create a smooth transition from summer to autumn with this checklist! 

man starting his fall cleaning in September

When should you start fall cleaning?

Fall cleaning should begin while it is still pleasant outside since you will also want to tidy up the yard. This usually coincides with the start of the school year. It's not a race and may be spaced out over a few weeks.

Prepare a home cleaning kit in advance of the thorough clean (or any cleaning session). Keep this handy for any cleaning and keep it stocked.

Include in Your Fall Cleaning Kit:

  • Broom and dustpan
  • Vacuum- pet hair and/ or shop vacuum for outside work
  • Carpet shampooer (can rent the machine and buy the appropriate shampoo)
  • Cleaning cloths (microfiber is usually preferred)
  • Sponges
  • Brushes- toilet, old toothbrush, floor scrub brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Spray bottles- empty for mixing cleaner and water (use labels to identify the cleaner)
  • Permanent Marker and labels
  • Chemical cleaners- bleach, toilet, vinegar and baking soda, dishwashing liquid, floor, and multi-surface
  • Extendable duster and dusting spray
  • Wood shine
  • Stain removers - red wine, food stains, and on the road stain removers

Organize your cleaning supplies in a designated area or buy a big caddy to carry or roll around the house. Having things within reach will reduce cleaning time. 

raking leaves in a fall cleaning must do before winter

What should you clean before winter?

Before it becomes too chilly outdoors, make sure the home and yard are neat and ready for the winter. Work from the yard to the home to ensure proper placement and storage. 

Fall Cleaning Must-Do's:

  • Leaves are raked
  • Ensure the grass is short after the growing season winds down
  • Gardens are cleaned out, weeded, fertilized, and prepared for winter temperatures
  • Garden hoses are emptied and stored
  • Toys and tools are stored properly to prevent rusting or other damages
  • Porches are swept
  • Outdoor furniture is either stored or cushions are stored
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures have new bulbs if needed
  • Outside windows and siding are cleaned and checked for damages
  • Window sills and door weather-strips are checked or replaced
  • Roof and gutters are cleaned out and inspected for damages.
  • Exposed pipes are wrapped in preparation for freezing weather
  • Pools are winterized
  • Fireplace flues are clean and clear, including the chimney

After you finish the exterior prep work, your house will be ready to weather anything Mother Nature throws at it over the winter. Now that the weather is changing, you may start serious cleaning inside. 

living room is clean after following a fall cleaning checklist

Room-By-Room Fall Cleaning Checklist

There are several methods to start your autumn interior cleaning. In most cases, cleaning is done in batches of one or two rooms every week. Others like to undertake chores around the house before cleaning. No matter which approaches you choose to use, keep in mind the following points during thorough cleaning:

Whole-Home Tasks

  • Windows- clean the window, sills, screens, curtains, weatherproof, and clean blinds.
  • Ceiling fans- reverse and dust, replace light bulbs, and clean glass
  • Heater/ air conditioner- check thermostat batteries, change filters, clean vents and intakes
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms- change batteries and test
  • First aid kit- check fire extinguishers, bandages, medications, and ice packs for expiration dates, damage, or refill
  • Check door and cabinet knobs for wear
  • Lubricate hinges, locks, and slides on doors, windows, and cabinets


  • Remove and wash- shower curtains, mats, decorative curtains, and decorative towels.
  • Clean tub
  • Clean shower and bleach grout
  • Clean toilet
  • Clean out cabinets and shelves- refill items, remove expired items, and dust
  • Clean water fixtures- descale shower head and bath/ sink spouts, treat mold and mildew
  • Clean doorknobs and switches
  • Replace toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Organize linen closet- remove damaged linens
  • Scrub floor- include baseboards
  • Dust high and hard to reach places
  • Vanity- inspect brushes, replace hair items, inspect hairstyling device cords, replace makeup that expired


  • Pantry- clean shelves, organize food supplies, remove expired goods
  • Clean oven and stove- move to clean underneath and behind
  • Refrigerator- remove expired food, clean shelves, defrost freezer, replace the water filter, clean drip tray, move forward to clean vents behind and the floor underneath
  • Cabinets- remove dishes to clean shelves, organize and replace dishes removing damaged items, lubricate hinges, and inspect handles for wear
  • Counters- clean tops and backsplash- clean grout if you have it
  • Small appliances- inspect cords, clean, and store if not used frequently.
  • Faucet- descale
  • Dishwasher- run a dishwasher cleaner designed to descale
  • Garbage disposal- ensure nothing is stuck, inspect wiring and plumbing, and use disposal cleaner and deodorizer as directed
  • Trash cans- remove liners and clean the inside of the can- place a fragrance or odor eliminator in the can
  • Dust- tops of cabinets, baseboards
  • Floor- clean grout, scrub corners and hard to reach areas, wax, if necessary, clean floor mats

Living Room and Office or Den

  • Electronics- dust, check batteries, wipe screens, check cords, organize remote locations, and update as necessary
  • Soft furniture- use spot stain remover or steam clean (some covers can be removed and washed), remove and clean covers, blankets, or pet protective covers
  • Light fixtures- replace bulbs, clean glass, clean shades, check wiring, clean switches
  • Dust shelves, baseboards, and high hard to reach areas
  • Tables- clean and wax as necessary
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpeted areas and rugs
  • Bookcase- dust, organize books and décor, inspect items for damage

Bedrooms and Playrooms

  • Closet- dust shelves, organize shoes, pack summer items and store, check lighting, and clean floor
  • Dressers- empty, remove summer clothes, remove damaged clothes, organize, clean underneath and behind, dust
  • Bed- clean underneath, inspect the mattress for damage, change sheets, pillowcases, and inspect pillows for damage, flip the mattress, check cords for electric beds
  • Curtains, wall tapestries, and other soft décor needs to be washed and inspected
  • Lighting- change bulbs, inspect cords and switches, clean shades, and glass
  • Toys- clean out toy box/shelf, inspect toys for damage and age appropriateness, organize and store

girl raking leaves outside for fall cleaning checklist

Fall Cleaning Tips

  1. Remember a few things when thoroughly cleaning your home. Your family lives in your house, so anticipate messes to appear within a day or two. It's fine!
  2. Second, don't hurry the thorough clean; the longer you spend on it, the better.
  3. Third, after it's done, you can start looking forward to all the winter fun!

Final Thoughts About Fall Cleaning

Deep cleaning the house is a daunting task, and after it's all finished, you will want to just relax in front of the fire with your favorite glass of red wine. Don't worry if you spill it, red wine stains are no match for Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover. So, grab your wine and open those fall decoration boxes to brighten up your home in preparation for the holiday season!

Learn more about how to remove various stains, including using an emergency stain remover, and how to keep your house looking its best with Hate Stains. Check out the FAQs for your cleaning answers and our blog for our latest tips and tricks!