Dorm Cleaning Supplies All College Students Need

7 Apartment & Dorm Cleaning Supplies All College Students Need

  • Apr 11

If there’s anything that college has taught me, it’s that you should never ever take an 8 a.m. And definitely not on a Monday. You will feel more sleep deprived than Squidward pulling an all-nighter to write a musical composition from start to finish. 

But more importantly, those four years of learning and self-discovery taught me that staying organized is of the essence. And it doesn’t only apply to schoolwork either! I’m talking about the cleaning-your-dorm-on-a-regular-basis part. Because sharing a living space that’s as big as a shoebox with a roommate can get pretty nasty quickly.

Don’t give up hope just yet though. I’ve put together what some might call a cheat sheet, a.k.a. a helpful list of questions and answers to know, along with some apartment and dorm cleaning supplies you’ll need to keep your place spic-and-span. We’ll cover everything from disinfecting wipes to the Hate Stains solution for stubborn stains. So, eyes up on the article please. Intro to Dorm Cleaning Essentials is now in session!

How Often Should I Clean My Dorm Room

How Often Should I Clean My Dorm Room?

Good question. Ideally every day, but realistically speaking, as often as you wish. Now, that doesn’t mean you should put off cleaning until the trash bin is overflowing with instant ramen cups and greasy pizza boxes. The last thing you’d want is for your lovely little dorm room to smell like a mysterious melting pot of fast food and takeout for weeks on end. 

Instead, I recommend that you create a routine cleaning schedule for yourself. Start by determining which duties need to be completed daily, weekly, and monthly. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

Daily Cleaning Schedule

  • Make bed
  • Wash dishes
  • Clear clutter off floor
  • Organize study space

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

  • Take out trash
  • Disinfect surfaces 
  • Change bedsheets
  • Wash and sort laundry
  • Vacuum or sweep floor

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

  • Clean out fridge 
  • Organize closet and drawers
  • Wipe down windows and mirrors

  • With an established schedule like the one above, the ever-so-daunting chore of tidying up magically becomes a set of smaller, more manageable tasks that won’t take hours. Even less if you can convince your roommate to pitch in. Bonus points if you don’t need to bribe them with free food.

    What College Dorm Cleaning Supplies Do I Need

    What College Apartment & Dorm Cleaning Supplies Do I Need?

    I like to follow the principle of K.I.S.S., or Keep It Simple, Stupid. If the Romans didn’t need bulldozers and extractors to build Rome, then you most certainly don’t need professional dorm room cleaners or fancy robotic floor vacuums to neaten up your living space. A basic set of cleaning essentials will go a long way and cost a lot less than a chemistry textbook from your campus bookstore. 

    With that being said, let’s go over the checklist of all the cleaning supplies you’ll want to bring to college

    Dorm Cleaning Supplies Every College Student Needs:

    1. Disinfecting Wipes & All-Purpose Spray – We all know that college is a breeding ground for germs. So, it’s always smart to stock up on these items to wipe down frequently touched surfaces in your dorm or apartment. That usually includes your desk, drawer, dining table, and any door handles.
    2. Stain Remover – Once upon a time, life got messy out of the blue. There were one too many spills on Wine Wednesday, spatters of saucy meals on your precious twin XL bedding, and other accidents along the way. Moral of the story? Invest in a reliable stain remover. Luckily, Hate Stains offers a food stain remover, a red wine stain remover, and even an emergency stain solution to tackle all types of tough stains.
    3. Paper Towels – These are so essential that you’ll need them for everything including the kitchen sink. Seriously. Have you ever tried going a day without a roll? Because it sounds like mission impossible. Unless you don’t mind cleaning up spilled coffee with your favorite white shirt.
    4. Trash Can Liners – You can never have enough of these around. Anyone who tells you otherwise is spewing straight up garbage. A box of these bags proves useful for not only collecting loose scraps and snack wrappers, but also storing extra clothes and bedding. It’s one of those nifty college cleaning tips that comes in handy during move-in and move-out day.
    5. Small Vacuum – Again, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to have one in your arsenal of dorm cleaning supplies. Heck, you can even keep a carpet clean without ever using one. But if you do want a vacuum for your place, consider getting one that’s compact or handheld. Both options are easy to store and work great on the hideous carpet flooring found in practically every dorm room – yours included.
    6. Broom & Dustpan – If you’ve been blessed with an apartment or dorm that has tile or hardwood flooring, congratulations. Sweeping up chip particles, hair, dirt, dust, and what seems like a never-ending trail of granola bar crumbs will be a piece of cake.
    7. Dish Soap – This is one of those cleaning supplies you’ll always want to have for your college dorm or first apartment. In fact, it’s an absolute must if you constantly use dishes, cups, and utensils to enjoy anything from a simple midnight snack to a full-on microwavable feast.

    Ready to Make a Clean Sweep Around Your Dorm Room?

    Hey, we’ve made it to the end! And with a trusty checklist of dorm cleaning supplies to reference too. It has everything you need to maintain a neat and tidy living space – all semester long. So, the next time a spill, stain, or mess comes your way, you’ll know which cleaning essentials to reach for.

    Ok, class dismissed. But to those seeking a little extra credit, read up on the latest news from us here for more cleaning tips and tricks.


    Contributing Writer: Jonathan D'Ambrosio