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The Ultimate Monthly Cleaning Schedule For 2022

  • The Hate Stains Co.
  • 6 min read

Keeping up with your regular cleaning schedule is an ongoing challenge. It's one thing to keep up with immediate challenges, from red wine stains to messy eater stains. Keeping the entire house clean and tidy, especially when you have pets or small children, can be even more difficult.

Fortunately, having a cleaning routine can make it easier--and help you keep up with the many challenges you may face every day. Check out this monthly cleaning schedule to get a better idea of how to set up your cleaning plans up for success. 

family cleaning their house using a monthly cleaning schedule checklist

How Do I Make a Monthly Cleaning Schedule?

A monthly cleaning schedule helps you identify the tasks that really need to be handled at least monthly. Cleaning your house is not a one-and-done solution. Eventually, the dirt starts to build back up, and you may find yourself right back where you started. 

By identifying the tasks that need to be taken care of every month and setting specific times when you can do them, you can help set yourself up for a cleaner home. 

Step One: List Needed Tasks

Put together a checklist that will let you see, at a glance, what you need to accomplish. Start by identifying each specific room, then name the tasks that need to be completed in that room and how often you need to take care of them. Pay attention to your household and your family! If you're single and live alone, you may have to take on some tasks much less often than a large family all sharing the same bathroom and kitchen.

Step Two: Define Cleaning Times

Consider your own schedule as you decide when it's most practical to take care of cleaning. Some people are able to devote a little time to cleaning every day. Others may prefer to set aside a little time on the weekends, or on their days off, to get the job done. Create a cleaning schedule that works for you!

Step Three: Schedule It Out

Break down the tasks that need to be completed and when you can take care of them. Remember, you don't always have to get it all done at once! For example, you might separate wiping down the kitchen counters from mopping the floors, especially if you're trying to clean in short bursts in the evening. You might want to break down tasks by room or by type of task (for example, you might prefer taking care of all the dusting or all the floors at once, rather than handling one at a time). Take care of your cleaning in a way that makes sense to you! Have the right tools on hand, break it down in a way that you can handle, and then dive in and get it done.

Step Four: Check It Off

As you complete the tasks on your list, make sure you check them off--and keep up with your list over time so that you can continue to see your success. If you notice that some tasks aren't getting done as often as they should--or that dirt and grime is building up more than anticipated--consider moving those cleaning tasks to your regular weekly cleaning so that you can stay on top of it more easily. 

woman sweeping the floor using a monthly cleaning schedule as a guide

What Cleaning Should Be Done Monthly?

There are several cleaning tasks that need to be taken care of at least once a month: the tasks that you don't necessarily have to fit in every week, but that you may want to make sure to include in your regular cleaning so that dirt and grime don't build up over time. Using a monthly cleaning schedule checklist can help make it easier for you to stay on top of those essential cleaning tasks, rather than allowing them to fall through the cracks. You may want to include these essential tasks.

All Rooms of the House

In all the rooms of your house, there are some tasks that need to be taken care of monthly, including:

  • Cleaning inside the windows
  • Wiping down blinds
  • Washing curtains and drapes, as needed
  • Dusting light fixtures
  • Replacing any blown-out bulbs
  • Wiping down or vacuuming furniture, depending on whether you have leather or cloth seats
  • Wiping down baseboards, light switches, window sills, and ceiling fans
  • Replacing furnace filters
  • Cleaning rugs (beating out dust, etc)
  • Wiping down all surfaces in the bathroom
  • Mop hard floors throughout the house

In the Kitchen

The kitchen, as one of the rooms that sees the most use, may need some special attention during your monthly cleaning schedule. Make sure that your monthly cleaning schedule checklist includes:

  • Cleaning out the oven
  • Wiping down the fronts of all appliances
  • Cleaning the inside of the microwave
  • Cleaning out your coffee maker or other often-used appliances
  • Running a cleaning cycle in the dishwasher
  • Dusting the tops of kitchen cabinets and wiping down the fronts

Other Special Reminders

In addition to the kitchen, there are several key tasks that you may need to take care of on a regular basis. Make sure that you:

  • Clean out the washer
  • Clean out the lint filter in the dryer
  • Scrub away any forgotten stains (Investing in a good stain remover spray is the best way to make sure you can get out those stubborn stains!)

Annual Additions

As part of your monthly cleaning schedule checklist, make sure you have a list of the cleaning tasks you need to fit in annually. Pick up your cleaning tools, from your mop to a great stain remover, and check off a few of these tasks during your monthly deep clean.

  • Organizing junk drawers
  • Deep cleaning the dishwashers
  • Moving appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator) forward to clean behind and beneath them
  • Organizing your medicine cabinet and properly disposing of expired medication
  • Cleaning the carpets
  • Sweeping out the garage or storage shed
  • Deep cleaning the patio furniture 
  • Washing the outdoor siding
  • Clean the chimney and fireplace
  • Deep clean and rotate your mattress
  • Clean your air ducts
  • Clear all your drains
  • Organize seasonal items

By picking one or two of these key items each month, you can keep your home clean and organized even when you're busier than usual.

man washing dishes to clean kitchen as part of his monthly cleaning schedule

Your Monthly Cleaning Schedule Checklist

Are you ready to head into your cleaning journey? Make sure you check these items off your list as each month goes by. Prepare to stay on top of the list and take care of important items, rather than leaving a problem for your future self to deal with.


  • Take down and store holiday decorations
  • Take care of room-specific cleaning
  • Make sure the kitchen has been cleaned
  • Organize your drunk drawer and medicine cabinet


  • Clean out your dishwasher
  • Deep clean the washer and dryer
  • Take care of cleaning each room
  • Clean up the kitchen


  • Clean the air ducts
  • Clear all household drains
  • Take care of room-to-room cleaning tasks
  • Make sure the kitchen is in good shape


  • Move out your appliances and clean behind them
  • Take care of all room-cleaning tasks in each room of the house
  • Manage kitchen cleaning tasks


  • Clean up patio furniture so that it's ready for the spring and summer months
  • Manage your room cleaning tasks
  • Take care of all kitchen cleaning
  • Clean the carpets


  • Touch up paint outdoors
  • Wash your siding
  • Take care of interior room-cleaning
  • Make sure your kitchen is ready to go


  • Sweep out the garage and storage shed
  • Take care of monthly cleaning tasks throughout the house
  • Don't forget your monthly kitchen clean!


  • Deep clean the chimney and fireplace (arrange for professional cleaning and inspection, if needed)
  • Do your monthly room-to-room cleaning
  • Take care of the kitchen cleaning


  • Rotate your mattress
  • Deep clean the mattress
  • Wash all pillows, shams, and covers
  • Take care of your regular monthly cleaning
  • Don't forget the kitchen!


  • Clear out your gutters and make sure they're ready for the winter
  • Manage your regular monthly cleaning tasks
  • Take care of the kitchen clean


  • Pull out any needed seasonal clothing and other items; make sure they're clean and ready to go
  • Start pulling out holiday decorations and making sure that they're ready
  • Deep clean the guest rooms, if needed
  • Make sure your regular monthly cleaning gets done
  • Get the kitchen shiny and ready for the holidays


  • Clean out old kids' items and make room for incoming gifts
  • Put up holiday decorations; discard or fix broken items
  • Keep on top of your regular cleaning
  • Deep clean the kitchen after holiday cooking

Keeping up with this monthly cleaning schedule can help you remember your regular cleaning tasks as well as ensuring that you're prepared for the big tasks that come up annually. Not only that, it will put you in a better position to keep your house looking its best, regardless of the season! 

Final Thoughts About Having a Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Are you making the most of your monthly cleaning schedule? Having the right products on hand can make a huge difference, whether you need a high-quality stain remover that you can take with you anywhere or an emergency stain rescue stain removers that will help you take care of clothing, carpets, and upholstery with ease.