Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater (3 Pack)

How can someone so small make such a big mess? How can stains just disappear?

Miss Mouths’ Messy Eater Stain Treater is a powerful stain remover designed for little (and big) professional mess makers and the patient souls that care for them.

It quickly and safely removes food stains like berries, fruit, tomatoes and ice-cream from clothes and fabrics.

It works miracles on the nastier stains created by inevitable accidents like bloody knees or diaper disasters.

Mess will still happen, but keeping Miss Mouths’™ nearby will stop it from hanging around. Until the next time...

No Peroxide | No Chlorine | No Phosphate
ph Neutral | 100% Biodegradable Surfactant
Safe for colorfast washable fabrics | Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

It is the best remover I have used. I am a senior with a full ledge in front chest lots of spots no more

The Best!

I have 2 young kids who are constantly grinding food and dirt into their clothes. I keep a bottle of this in their bathroom so during bath time I can pretreat all those nasty stains on their clothes. Then I just toss in hamper and don’t have to worry about stains setting in. This has never disappointed! It’s particularly satisfying on fruit stains. They literally vanish before my eyes. Magic!

Surprised and Relieved!!

My dear friend gave me a beautiful tablecloth from Portugal so I used it when they joined us for an after Turkeyday dinner. Both red wine and cranberry sauce found their way onto the white appliqued tablecloth and I was terrified that it was ruined but Chataeau Spill came to the rescue and the tablecloth is now ready for more entertaining!!!


I was handed a sample of your product at one of the Gift Markets over the summer and threw it in my purse. I used it today because I spilled an oil-based salad dressing on my shirt. Tide Pen did nothing – then I remembered about Road Spill. I cleaned the area and rinsed my blouse in a sink at work. STAINS ARE GONE!! I cannot tell you how many blouses I have had to throw out because of an oil-based stain. And there is no water mark, the fabric is perfect. I’m so happy that I just ordered 10 5-packs from your website. THANK YOU for making this fabulous product!


this stain remover really works, also blood and other red spills