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Life is messy. We can help.

Whether we’re saving carpets, clothing, or upholstery, The Hate Stains Co™ is determined to squash splashes, spills, and splatters (yes, even really bad ones) for good

Works fast: Instant on-the-spot impact

Nontoxic: Free from harsh ingredients

Strong: Concentrated for a powerful punch

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How do subscriptions work?
  • Never have to think about reordering

    Stay stocked with your favorite products
  • Edit your subscription anytime

    Edit products, delivery schedule and more
  • Cancel when you want to

    Easily cancel, no questions asked


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Our Mission

A better way to deal
with life's inevitable accidents.

We are focussed on stains and their removal so you don't need to be.

All our nontoxic, remarkably effective and essential products
share the same 4 core benefits.



instant impact



& powerful 



nothing nasty


all stains

all fabrics

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Getting rid of stains should be as easy as making them.

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1. Prep

Remove the excess stain causing material.
Check that the fabric is colorsafe* 

Tip: For best performance especially on dry stain dampen the area. 

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2. Treat

Apply ESR Formula directly to affected area. Repeat steps or rub fabric together if necessary. 

Tip: For delicate fabrics use a paper towel to control amount applied. 

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3. Rinse

Launder as usual. For carpets and upholstery be careful to remove all residue. 

Tip: Some stains (e.g ketchup) will come out in laundry. 

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4. Relax

Carry on enjoying doing what you love.
Until the next time....

Stock up and keep close to the action. 

Mother Tested and Approved

Hard On Spills & Splatter

Not On Skin, Clothing, Or the Environment

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Nothing Nasty

Peroxide / Chlorine / Phosphates

Formaldehyde / Sulphates (SLS, SLES, SCS)

Animal By-Products

Allergens / Perfumes

Dyes Or Caustics

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Just The Good Stuff

100% Biodegradable Surfactant

PH Neutral

Safe For Colorfast Washable Fabrics

Safer-Choice Certified


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Stains are a pain, but you certainly don’t want the removal to be worse than the problem! The good news is our formula does not contain harsh oxidizing agents such as peroxide or chlorine bleach, and is generally safe on all washable fabrics EXCEPT rayon and acetate (which hate getting wet anyway). To be safe, you should check any labels and if you read, "wash separately," "wash in cold water," "hand wash," "do not use detergent" or "turn inside out to launder", it may indicate the dyes in these items are not colorfast. If you are under any doubt we recommend you do a colorfast test before using any of our products. (For usage and caution messages for humans, please see answer below.)

To test if our formula is safe for your fabric, choose an inconspicuous corner of the material, (maybe a hem or other hidden area) and apply the formula. Leave for two to three minutes and then blot with a white paper towel. If the colors do not change, run, or come off on the paper towel, and if the item is definitely washable, you may safely use the allThe Hate Stains Co. products.

Yes, our formula works excellently on heavier fabrics. After treatment, it is important to properly remove all soapy residues (we suggest a carpet cleaning vacuum or a careful use of a sponge and rinse with water). Failure to properly remove residue can result in the clean spot collecting dust over time. If residue does remain and this occurs, you can still use a vacuum or sponge to clean the area.

Despite being safe for most clothing and your hands there are still some things that you need to be careful with:

Clothing made with rayon or acetate or silk listed as "dry clean only" is not recommended for The Hate Stains Co. product use.

Surfaces that are porous, like marble or granite or wood, and that need special care may absorb the liquid and dull the surface.

We are very confident The Hate Stains Co. formula is the best stain remover out in the market. However, there are some stains on some fabrics that seem to be harder than others. Following instructions (prep/ treat/ rinse) can be repeated and significant progress should be made.

We hear that customers have tried many different "home remedies" to try and treat stains in a pinch. Some use salt, vinegar, soda water, white wine, or a combination of some or all of the above to quickly treat red wine and common household stains.

Our experience shows that The Hate Stains Co. formula works much better than any of the mentioned quick fixes.

he Hate Stains Co. formula is incredibly effective on a variety of stains:

Blot wet stain of excess liquid or moisten dry/old stains with water, apply The Hate Stains Co. product and then launder as usual or rinse away soapy residue.

Berries, pomegranate juice, and tomatoes
Like wine, these disappear on contact. Remove excess material, moisten with water, apply The Hate Stains Co. product, and then launder as usual.

Blood, Grass, Lipstick and Mascara
These also quickly disappear, though they need a little rubbing. Remove excess material, moisten with water, apply The Hate Stains Co. product, then use some rubbing to lift the stain and dissolve the color causing particles. Then, launder as usual.

Beet Juice, Carbon, Tea and Grape Juice (yes it is odd that grape juice is different from wine but we tested it!)
These types of stains do come out with The Hate Stains Co. product, but not on contact. Remove excess material, moisten with water, apply product, and then launder for a great post wash result.

Our products' ingredients have been used to clean hands in labs and hospitals for over 40 Years, However, to reiterate what it says on the label:

Caution: Eye Irritant. Keep out of reach of Children.

Avoid Eye Contact. For eye contact flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. If dry skin and/or irritation appear, clean with soap and water, apply hand cream and discontinue use. Do not mix with any other chemicals. Avoid contact with food. Store at room temperature. For external use only.