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Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Complete Kit
Elizabeth Jones
Great product, even better customer service

I found out about Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater stain remover from a friend and was so impressed with how well it worked, I immediately ordered the same day. A month went by and I hadn’t received a shipping notification so I reached out and received a response almost immediately from customer support. They resent the package and it arrived quickly, however the Miss Mouth’s stain wipes had been swapped with their wine stain remover wipes. I reached out again, and again customer support responded quickly and resent the wipes I had ordered. Mistakes happen, but I was really impressed with the responses from customer support. Excited to have less stains on my 18 month olds clothes!

Mess buster

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this spray. It literally works right in front of your eyes. I have not found a stain yet that it doesn’t remove. I would love to buy it in a much bigger bottle, but don’t raise the price. It is a little pricey, but it does work.

Very responsive company with a good product

I was introduced to the product by my granddaughter who used it on baby clothes. I quickly went through my first bottle and ordered more. My second order had an issue with poor packaging in shipment. The company quickly replaced the item. I am very pleased.

Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater 4oz Bottle

A Great Product

We learned about the Little Red Bottle 3 years ago and have been using it whenever we have a stain. It's a great product and we have found nothing better for those tough stains.

The Best Stain Remover

I bought this because I saw an ad on Instagram. I mainly bought it because my son spits up a lot but loves all the orange veggies (the worst to remove). To my surprise, the first thing I used this on was a chocolate stain. Somehow there was chocolate in the washer and then it got baked on our clothes in the dryer. So the stain was completely dried and I was prepared to throw away all the clothes that had the stains (the stains were pretty extensive). I remembered that I bought this stain remover and thought what the heck why not. I sprayed the clothes and put them back in the washing machine and then the dryer. Literally ALL the stains were gone. There was no residue or discoloration on any of the clothes. I’m beating myself up for not taking a before and after pic but trust me when I say, this stuff works!!!!

DO NOT PURCHASE!!!! Makes stains worse

I used this on a colored tshirt and it left a big white blotch. Almost like it was bleached. Would have been better off with the original stain which was less noticeable.

Just Amazing

I purchased this just to try and not expecting it to work magic but it pleasantly surprised me! It has gotten out every blowout on every item that the blowout has touched, including clothes, blankets and furniture. I’m truly amazed at how wonderful this product works. I am so happy we found this stain remover for using around my LO. The wipes work just as well when you’re on-the-go. Love this product and I will be buying for my friends who have LOs on the way!

A mom’s BFF

The best stain remover I have ever used. I soaked my babies clothes in oxiclean and stains still remained. Sprayed a little Miss Mouth’s on there and it was immediately gone! I will NEVER go back. This has saved me so much time and energy trying to gets stains out and money on clothes! Every mom NEEDS a bottle on hand at all times!

Buyer Beware! So Disappointed!

I bought a brand new shirt, wore it one time, and got stains on it from dinner. I used Miss Mouth’s Stain Remover to remove the stains and it removed the color with it! I am so frustrated!! If I wanted a ruined shirt I would have left the stains on them. 😭


My brother introduced me to this product when he washed a white shirt of mine that had had a stain for months. I just couldn't get it out with the usual products. Just great! So I ordered some when I got home and tried it on some stains on my running shoes that had been there for months as well despite washing and treating with other products. This stain remover took them off! I can hardly believe it. I love this product!

Quick Acting and Impressive!

This stain remover is the best I’ve found yet. My crunchy mom friends say the ingredients aren’t the worst but maybe aren’t the best, but for what it does, I’m happy that it’s less toxic than most things on the market! My daughter threw up blueberries in her crib over night and it honestly looked like something died in her crib. The stains were AWFUL. but, with a little spraying and soaking, it all came out perfect like nothing happened. I was shocked! Wish there was a link to show the results! It’s especially good with berry stains of any kind. Works immediately. Other things need to set in and soak before washing but it works great when you do that!

10/10 would recommend

I am simply amazed with just one spray my raspberry stained shirt was removed instantly. Yes, I am a believer now.

Miss Mouth's Messiest Eater Stain Kit
Request for a review

Placed an order....and waited and waited. Then received an email asking me to provide a review. Well, I haven't received the product yet, so I sent an email back asking for the shipment tracking information. Turns out they are back ordered. Said I could cancel order and get a refund....but no info on expected delivery, etc. I still want the product, just not sure why Customer Service is not sending a "back-ordered" email.

Works great!

It got the polyvisol stain out of my daughter’s shirt after several tries with other products. I love it!


I love this stuff!!! It takes stains out of my grandkids clothes almost immediately!!!

Amazing Product

This stain remover is amazing!! I wish this would have been around when my son was small and my daughter a younger. I have been using it for a few weeks and it is absolutely amazing. It works just as advertised!!! I will say to test it in a small corner of the color cloth you want to use it on as it could discolor it. I used it on a dark pink shirt and it discolored it to the point it looks a bit tie dye-ish. But this is really my fault because I should have tested it on a small area first. Other than that it's great!

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover Complete Wipe Pack (50 Wipes)


Emergency Stain Rescue 4oz Bottle

I rave about this stain remover!

I tell everyone about the stain remover! Delivery is fast and accurate. I love to have the wipes in my purse and at my desk.

awesome company and product!

I am so grateful for this company.So, I ordered 2 bottles and 20 wipes when it was arrive the liquid spilled in the package possible due to delivery because it is sealed, I emailed them and they response quickly and replace my order. I expect only they will replace the bottle no! they replace the whole order! super generous! not only that I used the product to the old stain like months or years with my husband work clothes it was oil and soy sauces it was my surprise it was gone! even my duagther clothes some stain from 3 days ago and it was gone! I am happy to find this great product this is my savior for easy laundry and to save all our clothes for stain! super happy!!!!!!

Easy to use and it really works

All of us are always looking for a spot remover that actually works. This one does, and it has the advantage of being particularly effective on tough spots and stains. In addition, the fact that it comes in separate containers makes it perfect for travel.

Works like magic

Awesome wipes!

Miracle worker

This stuff works wonders. I even tested it on a shirt with an old stain that had already been washed a week before. Sprayed it on there and washed again and the stain was gone. I have four kids and will always keep this product in our house.

What kind of magic is this?

I am mostly amazed by the effectiveness of this product at removing various food stains from my baby’s (& my) clothes. I have an occasional stubborn stain here and there, but overall I am so impressed. I swear I’ve tried 8 different stain sprays in my baby’s first year and this is the only one that I will keep buying. Please consider making in a larger size if possible to reduce plastic waste!