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Ruined my clothes

I’ve recently used Miss Mouths and it discolored two very expensive articles of my clothing. It basically bleached spots where I sprayed it. I didn’t even rub, just sprayed. If your product makes colored items worse, advertise as so! Very upset.


Absolutely love this product for children's clothes! Gets out every stain from food to newborn blowouts. Highly recommend!

Just wow!

This stuff works! I am very impressed, I had clothes that hurt me to toss and I used it and it freaking worked. So easy to use too. I hate soaking stuff, don’t have the patience but this thing worked right away. Can’t say enough about it!

AMAZING stain remover

I’ve tried out different stain removers but THIS did the trick! My 2 year can get messy sometimes but my BLW 9 month old? He makes messes that rival any. Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater not only worked on fresh stains but even his clothes that have been stained for weeks where scrubbing didn’t help. This truly gets the job done!

Not just for children

My daughter in law left this at my house by mistake. I used it on very stubborn stains and it worked better than all the regular stain fighters in my cabinet. So we’ll that I bought some for other family members. So I would recommend this to anyone of any age.


When i say that i was surprised, i mean i audibly gasped! I sprayed this on a stained onesie that had been washed and dried SEVERAL times and the stains were GONE!!! Best purchase for clothes. Ive gotta stock up!

Good product

Takes care of my new born stains. Good product.


This product shipped very fast, their customer service was great and my baby’s clothes are now stain free! Love this product and love knowing it’s safe and works!

Chateau Spill is a game changer!

I had given up serving red wine at dinner parties…seriously. All it took was one very exuberant hand gesture illustrating a really interesting story and the resultant spilled red wine (a shame in and of itself) would ruin the tablecloth. Every time. I tried all of the internet ‘surefire red wine stain remover' techniques, and not one of them works.
Chateau Spill, especially if applied early (but even effective the next day!) magically makes those stains disappear.
I raise my glass (of red wine) to Chateau Spill enthusiastically, even when using my very best heirloom tablecloth!

Clothing Savior

Without this product, my son would have half of the clothing (especially shirts) that he has now. During our baby led feeding journey and allowing him to be a kid, he does some damage. His parents are not great at getting the stain immediately (kuddos to you if you are) and it always ends up going through the wash and still stained a bit. I spray this stuff on and it’s magical…spray, soak, and the stain is gone! Hallelujah!

Works Great

Pretty much works on any stain...I have been using for a couple of years,
It even took blood out of my tan carpeting when my husband cut his finger which required 7 stitches so between the kitchen and bathroom there was quite a bit...definitely would recommend

The best stain remover!

This is the only stain remover that has ever worked on everything!

Time saver

Its a time saver to clean baby blowouts, rinse clothes, spray it put in washer and clothes looks like before.


Once again I am ordering because it works. Plain and simple it works.


I’m usually VERY busy. And dont really have time to pretreat stains or by the time I get to it, the stain set in already. So I was cooking and got sazón on my WHITE shirt and I thought it was a lost cause. So it sat for like a month In a bucket until I saw this spray on TikTok. So decided to give it a try and IT GOT IT OUT‼️ So I tried on other clothes with set in stains and it got it ALL OUT

Best stain remover ever

This stain remover is nothing short of magical. I wish I had heard of you guys sooner. We had smashed in strawberries on a white rug and this took the stain completely out pretty much instantly. I have shared your company with everyone I know. AMAZING product!

Best Stain Remover

I used this product, that was recommended by a friend. There has only been 1 stain so far that I have not been able to get rid of. Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater is Great!!

The Hate Stains Co

Never got my order

The only thing I would change is getting a larger bottle. I like the little one for the diaper bag but I want a winded size bottle for the laundry room


This stuff is my best impulse buy yet. Takes stains out like magic

Amazing Product!

Over the past few months, I had heard this product mentioned in many of my mom groups on Facebook. I finally decided to purchase it a few weeks ago. within 24 hours of receiving it, my daughter spilled grape juice on her clothes! I was super impressed with how it worked! I'm sorry that I didn't buy this sooner!


I ordered the messy eater stain remover and emergency wine stain removed. The products work and are wonderful. However, 10% of each product I ordered had leaked in the packaging. The bottles I ordered to try are already small as it is. I was disappointed to discover both product caps to not be screwed on tightly enough.

Great Product!

I have used this product many times and it always works well!

Slopy Husband

Best I’ve found so far, but not perfect

For the most part I have loved this product! It works far better than anything else I’ve tried, at least things that more non-toxic and kid safe. I don’t really understand the difference between their emergency stain remover and the “miss mouth’s messy eater”. They seem to work the same to me. Also, I used the emergency stain remover on a coffee stain I spilled on my sweater and it did NOT help. It only made the stain worse by spreading it to edges of where the stain liquid spread in the fabric. Also, in my use neither spray has magically made stains go away second you spray them like in the videos I’ve seen but if you let it sit for a bit and wash it, it does work well! It especially works great doing that on poop stains from diaper blow outs! Overall I recommend the product!