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Road Spill On-The-Go Stain Removal
Love this product!

I purchased this item from Deals and Steals on Good Morning America and I love it! My husband spilled a berry pie filling on a yellow silk tie. I tried Stain Rescue on the tie before taking it to the dry cleaners. The stain came out beautifully. I didn't take the tie to the cleaners. I just used Stain Rescue on my granddaughters new white shirt that she spilled chocolate milk down the front. The stain was set, but I got it out perfectly!. I highly recommend this product.


Our medical supply company had these little red pouches sitting on the service counter and said they work great for prescription formula stains too.

Not believing them since nothing takes out those stains they gave me a free packet and said, "Here, try it." Inatead of going home I was in one of those moods that indicated I had a hard day so.I opened the packet and dabbed my clients right there in the showroom to prove the clerk wrong....

A moment later. I looked up and they clerk was grinning she said " I didnt believe it would work either when one was handed to me. Now I stock them here because we all use them." I bought several little red packets and now don't leave home without them. Grin

We love hearing about new uses for our formula! Thank you and please help spread the word. Best. The Hate Stains Co.

Amazing! Super impressed! Had a butter stain in my polyester pants from last night's dinner. Tried everything, saw this little packet in the Sport Boutique at Hollyburn Country Club, thought I would try it out. Bam!! it worked!!


Bought product as a special deal. I was thoroughly impressed after my first use, as some of the nontoxic products I’ve tried on set in stains just didn’t do the job! Will recommend this highly efficient stain remover to my friends and family..
I would, however, as other consumers have mentioned, like to be able to purchase Hate Stains in a larger size to use on a large sofa & area rugs.

Hi Lynee - thank you for the great review and I am pleased we were able to help. We are certainly looking at bigger sizes!
ESR spray

Great product! It instantly removed red wine stains. I used it both immediately after the spill and the next day on spots I hadn’t seen the day before.

Finally something that works.

The wipes work great, love them. Need more

Great product! Really works!

Finally found a product that really works! We serve meals at our lodge and have successfully used this product frequently to clean up wine and other food stains from our off-white carpeted dining area!

Dana, That is great to hear. We love success stories. Don't forget to try the wipes as well - perfect for guests who spill on themselves. Best H
Best stuff ever!!

This stuff is incredible! I bought it for my 7 month old’s clothes and bibs etc... but I use it on all of our stains!

Hi Leanne that is great to hear. We have a 7 month old as well and so we know the savory and less savory stains you have to deal with! Happy we can help!
It worked wonderfully (no need for tnhree stars)

I would strongly recommend this product to others. It worked very well especially for stains that had set on clothing that after being washed were put in the drier. I sprayed it on these set stains and re washed them. The stains usually came out.

Great to hear. And thank you for spreading the word.
I Love this stain remover

I found this stain remover ,in Tuesday Mornings .I really loved it .I have been looking for it everywhere with out success .Im so thrilled to find it on your website .I think its the best stain remover I have ever used .

We are pleased you found us! and please spread the word... The Hate Stains Co.
Amazing product!

This is a true magic potion right here! I can’t live without it because I’m the biggest klutz, especially when I’m drunk and I really can’t live without my red wine. But this has been a true life saver, I’ve even gotten red wine stains out of white shirts!

Best stain remover EVER!

I have just recently begun using this product and I love it! No more permanent stains, and I've found that adding a bottle to my carpet shampooing machine really makes a big difference. My only complaint is that I'd like to buy this in a 1/2 or full gallon size as we have cats and I use this on the carpets often. Those little bottles don't last long in my household. I used it to clean an area rug that had never been cleaned. The results were Amazing! The plum color looks plum, and the cream color is back to it's original shade. It was a grey, not cream anymore. Please consider making this available for purchase in larger quantities. Thank you



Red wine spill on light rug. A 2x 2 area.

Well I blotted up most of the wine with paper towel. And I sprayed the entire area with “ the hate stains”
I let it sit for a couple of minutes, wiped it again with paper towel, and it all disappeared !!! It was miraculous!
I bought 3 more bottles, just in case...

Stain remover is fantastic!!!!

Miracle red wine stain out

Best wine out remover ever!
We Enjoy good Cabernets and riojas and hearty red blends. The packets are a must when traveling.

Re stains

...works...when nothing else does...


This stuff works!!!!!!!! I was dying my hair BLACK!!! and I got some of the hair dye on my very light colored couch. Instant freak out mode!!! I remembered that I had some of this stuff so, I figured why not give it a try. I was shocked!!!! it took it right out instantly. Just had to rub very little and it came right out. Fantastic Product. If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would. I discovered this product through FabFitFun. I will be ordering more of this stuff through here very soon.

If you like red wine, you need this. Truly an amazing product. It also works on berry stains! I bought it as a gift and included it with a bottle of wine. Brilliant product!

Amazing, love this

I had bought this product through a special promotion months ago but never had an occassion to use it. Last night someone spilt some red wine on my white skirt. When I got home several hours later, I sprayed the stain with is and the res wine stain vanished instantly. The next morning, I discovered another wine stain on my cloth purse. Again, one spritz of the stain remover and poof, gone. Amazing

Really works for me - new and old stains

So far so good - lots of stains all taken care of -


This stuff is magic. I can’t believe how well it works, my mind is blown. This will be a part of every baby shower gift from now on. Stop thinking about it snd buy 2 of these immediately!

Emergency stain remover

I love this product. From the first time I saw it I had to get it. I have an infant at home and given the fact that babies spit up often her clothing was getting ruined and stained. After using the emergency stain remover those formula stains came out in one washing abs I have been using it with every load of laundry I do. I have even used it in my clothes when I spill something on myself. It’s a miracle product and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. My only “complaint” is that the bottles are not big enough and I find myself ordering more bottles often. So if I could request anything it would be to make bigger bottles of the emergency stain remover. I love this product!!

The best stain treater ever

I bought this last year actually as a gag gift for an adult who seems to always spill mustard or chili on shirts and was very hard to get it out. But after buying this I used it on those stains and I was amazed they stains would come out. The bottle lasted me about 8 months jut using it on those type stains. I couldn't find it again and then noticed the web address on the bottle. Happy to reorder and gave 2 bottles to someone with a new baby.