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The Essential Info For Removing Stains

For Clothing and Linens

Instructions for removing red wine stains from clothing and fabrics

> Remove Excess Liquid from stained area

> Slightly Dampen clothing or linen with cold water

> Spray, Wipe or blot ESR Formula directly onto stain(s), rub in gently if needed.

> Rinse well with water.

> For stubborn (old or set) stains, repeat if necessary.

> After removing or treating stain, launder as usual.

For Carpets and Upholstery

Instructions for removing red wine stains from carpets and upholstery

> Remove Excess Liquid from stained area

> Slightly Dampen carpet or upholstery with cold water.

> Spray, dap or wipe with a moist sponge or washcloth to apply ESR Formula.

> Use a carpet cleaning vacuum or sponge and water to remove all soapy residue.

> Removing all residue will allow the newly clean spot to avoid picking up dust over time.

Stain Removal Helpful Hints

The ESR Formula is powerful on stains but really simple to use. Here is how get the most out of it's unique stain fighting performance.

Do No Harm. ESR Formula does not contain harsh chlorine or peroxide bleaches, is non-toxic for skin and is generally safe for all washable fabrics.

Safety First. Check the label. If you think that the garment or material might not be washable then you can carry out a quick colorfast test (see sidebar for details).

Speed is of the essence. While the ESR Products also work on older stains letting a stain set makes the job harder. Heat also sets a stain so try and apply treatment before the drying cycle.

Less is more. Blot or remove away any excess liquid. Water helps. Moisten the red wine stain with some cold water to prepare for treatment. Some garments (e.g wool blazers) have a treatment that creates a water mark (caused by H20 rather than the ESR Formula). You can find out how to remove those here. At least the wine stain will be gone.

Everything in Moderation. The ESR Formula starts visibly working on the stain straight away. Use small amounts to start and measure the progress. You can always add more if necessary.

Final touches. After ESR has done it’s magic you will want to remove any traces of soapy residue. Either launder as usual or, if that is not possible, use a sponge and clean water and/or carpet vacuum to rinse the treated area.

Enjoy the moment. Raise a glass of wine to a job well done.

How to check your material

Stains are a pain but you certainly don’t want the removal to be worse than the problem. To be safe you should check any labels and if you read "wash separately," "wash in cold water," "hand wash," "do not use detergent" or "turn inside out to launder" it may indicate that the dyes in these items are not colorfast. If you have any doubt then you can carry out a colorfast test.

What is a Color Fast Test?

To test if the ESR Formula is safe for your fabric you can choose an inconspicuous corner of the material, (maybe a hem or other hidden area) and give it a few sprays or wipes. Leave for two to three minutes and then blot with a white paper towel. If the colors do not change, run or come off on the paper towel, and if the item is definitely washable, you may safely use ESR.