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IT WORKS.(but don't just trust us...)

"As a mother I swear by this surefire red wine and general stain remover."
Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Favorite things of the week
"No matter what type of fabric or how long the stain has been there, Chateau Spill® is easily the best at cleaning it up*"
Scour Grapes: 5 wine-stain removers to the test.
"Spritz this party saving formula directly on a red wine or berry spill and watch it magically disappear."
Secret Weapons To Please Your Inner Clean Freak

ps. Small print from the Wired Review: While Chateau Spill's superiority was "indisputable and inarguable" the competition was not so well received, "Product X is a moderately distant second choice, but none of the other commercial products I tested worked well enough to merit buying".