Emergency Stain Rescue (3 Pack)

Stains Suck? We Can Help.

ESR is a rapid reaction stain remover made for where life & stains actually happen.

It quickly and safely removes food stains like berries, fruit, tomatoes and ice-cream from clothes and fabrics.

The ESR™ Professional Grade Formula works miracles on the general household stains that damage clothing, carpets and upholstery.

No Peroxide | No Chlorine | No Phosphate
ph Neutral | 100% Biodegradable Surfactant
Safe for colorfast washable fabrics | Made in USA

Does It Work? See what our customers say.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Best stain remover EVER!

I have just recently begun using this product and I love it! No more permanent stains, and I've found that adding a bottle to my carpet shampooing machine really makes a big difference. My only complaint is that I'd like to buy this in a 1/2 or full gallon size as we have cats and I use this on the carpets often. Those little bottles don't last long in my household. I used it to clean an area rug that had never been cleaned. The results were Amazing! The plum color looks plum, and the cream color is back to it's original shade. It was a grey, not cream anymore. Please consider making this available for purchase in larger quantities. Thank you



Amazing, love this

I had bought this product through a special promotion months ago but never had an occassion to use it. Last night someone spilt some red wine on my white skirt. When I got home several hours later, I sprayed the stain with is and the res wine stain vanished instantly. The next morning, I discovered another wine stain on my cloth purse. Again, one spritz of the stain remover and poof, gone. Amazing

Really works for me - new and old stains

So far so good - lots of stains all taken care of -

Emergency stain remover

I love this product. From the first time I saw it I had to get it. I have an infant at home and given the fact that babies spit up often her clothing was getting ruined and stained. After using the emergency stain remover those formula stains came out in one washing abs I have been using it with every load of laundry I do. I have even used it in my clothes when I spill something on myself. It’s a miracle product and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. My only “complaint” is that the bottles are not big enough and I find myself ordering more bottles often. So if I could request anything it would be to make bigger bottles of the emergency stain remover. I love this product!!