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Holiday Hosting Hacks - Keeping Linens Fresh [Stain Free]

As Rebecca Olgeirson writes in her "5 Holiday Hosting Hacks" for 5280 (The Denver Magazine), "

Pulling out the holiday tablecloth should harken memories of holidays past…but all too often it’s a visit from the ghost of last year’s Pinot Noir (think: ugly wine stains that have been festering for the past 11 months). 

Michael Di Paulo, president of Homefest Decor, recommends a product he says will remove even wine stains that have spent the summer in storage: Chateau Spill, available at Homefest Decor in Greenwood Village and Fort Collins." Thanks for the support Michael, and please visit the article to see the rest of Rebecca's recommendations. 

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    My order came in and was leaking everywhere- sent an email and they gave me a partial refund which was nice. I did use the wine remover on my daughters mask from grape juice and it came out so I was impressed with that.

    Blackberry Stain

    I spilled a blackberry smoothie on my carpet. I tried cleaning it up but it left a big stain. A friend told me about this product, so I ordered. Even after waiting a couple of weeks to get cleaned, Emergency Stain Rescue took out the stain the first try!! Love it!

    Amazing product

    Love being able to see stains disappear right before my eyes


    My mom and I were feeding my son the other day and this arrived in the Mail just in time for us to use it to get butternut squash out of his clothes and make believers out of both of us!

    Works great!

    Raspberry and blackberry stains literally disappear before your eyes as you’re spraying. It’s crazy. Definitely worth it to keep in the diaper bag or purse!