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It is Cool To Be Cool Hunted

The First Rule Of Cool is to never claim to be cool. However when the cool people say you are cool (and work brilliantly on red wine stains and look mighty fine doing it) then we think it is ok to pass it on.....

"Wine spills are inevitable. Yet, even a drop can cast a dark spell over a night out. And despite that, most wine drinkers bank on old household tricks or potentially harsh products to alleviate the problem. Remarkably, Chateau Spill works better than both. It breaks down pigment at a cellular level and lifts without damaging fabrics. While it does work on set stains, it's far more effective when used quickly. We tested the product at CH HQ, on both wine and berry stains, and were beyond impressed. Especially because it allowed us to focus our energy on finding more excellent wines and then documenting them in our wine app.

In addition to being effective, the packaging also resembles a wine bottle—removing it from the eyesore cleaning product category."

Chateau Spill Product Highlighted by Cool Hunting


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    My order came in and was leaking everywhere- sent an email and they gave me a partial refund which was nice. I did use the wine remover on my daughters mask from grape juice and it came out so I was impressed with that.

    Blackberry Stain

    I spilled a blackberry smoothie on my carpet. I tried cleaning it up but it left a big stain. A friend told me about this product, so I ordered. Even after waiting a couple of weeks to get cleaned, Emergency Stain Rescue took out the stain the first try!! Love it!

    Amazing product

    Love being able to see stains disappear right before my eyes


    My mom and I were feeding my son the other day and this arrived in the Mail just in time for us to use it to get butternut squash out of his clothes and make believers out of both of us!

    Works great!

    Raspberry and blackberry stains literally disappear before your eyes as you’re spraying. It’s crazy. Definitely worth it to keep in the diaper bag or purse!